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Howard E. Halpern MA CPRW
Certified Professional Resume Writer
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1-647-548-TALK = 1-647-548-8255

Both numbers: 24/7/365

Email: halpern [at]
NOTE: Please substitute "@" for "[at]" when emailing. The "@" symbol is omitted here to prevent spam.
Revised July 15, 2021
Revised July 15, 2021

We offer comprehensive resume and related services including but not limited to the following: resume writing, updating, and editing; compatibility with applicant tracking systems (ATS); LinkedIn® optimization and training; cover letter writing; interview coaching.
We put a priority on ATS compatibility because most hiring authorities use ATS. However, we recommend that job candidates contact the hiring authority directly and ask whether the targeted organization uses ATS.
Contrary to popular opinion, it is often possible to speak directly with hiring authories. The best ones welcome human contact. Those who eschew human contact lose opportunities to hire excellent candidates.
Machines cannot do everything. Robots end up hiring robots. However, for most candidates, ATS compatibility is important, and those who have it are at a distinct advantage.


"I engaged Howard Halpern of Résu-Card to write my resume. I was interviewed by all 10 companies to which I applied. And I was subsequently hired."
Faisal Khan, MSc PMgr PEng
Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
Read detailed testimonial. Read the winning resume.
"I have instructed hundreds of professional LinkedIn profile writers on the FAVAR™ Method of LinkedIn profile creation. Of all those writers, Howard Halpern is the one who displayed the greatest thirst for understanding of how LinkedIn profiles interact with LinkedIn search. Howard has proven that he can attain high search rankings for his clients."
Dan Stiffler, recruiter
25 years' experience
john robert colombo
"Your site ... looks to me to be a site that is well worth reading, perusing, and pondering. These few screens are worth dozens of chapters in writers' manuals and volumes on the subject of language appreciation."
NOTE: Colombo is a widely published Canadian author, editor, poet, cultural commentator and communications consultant, best known for his Colombo's Canadian Quotations

The Business Card Resume

Everything you always wanted
in a resume — and less

In 1989, Résu-Card™ introduced the Business Card Resume for networking. Our founder had invented the card the year before and used it in his own job search. The device proved so powerful he decided to make it available to general public. Additional details will be added to this site as time permits. Meanwhile, feel free to call us for further information, anytime.
Our philosophy is minimalist:
  • Sell yourself as quickly and concisely as possible.
    • Employers do not spend more time than necessary reviewing applicants' information.
    • If you waste employers' time during the hiring process, they'll expect you to do it later. Needless to say, there won't be a "later."
    • If you can't sell yourself within the first half page, you can't sell yourself.
    • Give employers information they need, but don't have.
    • Distinguish yourself favourably from your competition.
    • Don't emphasize tasks typically performed by the people employers hire. They already have that information — they hire them.
  • Conserve your own time, money, and resources.
    • Don't depend more than necessary on any professional service, including this one. Use us for what you need us for, not for tasks you can more cost-effectively perform yourself. Invest the time and money you need to invest, not more. If you're satisfied with your progress, great.
    • If not, invest in a Business Card Resume.  It's usually hard to get employers to read full-length resumes, because the supply exceeds the demand. But they read the cards, because they're novel and concise.
    • Shop around sufficiently to make the best decision. Stop. Then make that decision.

Our Clients

We have served male and female persons ranging in age from the mid-teens to the mid-sixties, able-bodied and disabled, from diverse occupations — many of which are listed alphabetically on our portfolio site — at all levels.
Our clients come to us from Toronto (including Downtown, North York, Scarborough, and Etobicoke), Halton (including Oakville), Peel (including Mississauga and Brampton), York Region (including Thornhill, Concord, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Woodbridge, Markham, Stouffville, Newmarket, and Keswick), Durham (including Oshawa and Ajax); Burlington and Milton, Ontario; and beyond.
We have prepared resumes, cover letters, and related documents remotely, via phone and email, for persons near and far — including a firefighter from Saskatchewan; a governmental manager and medical residents from Atlantic Canada; a physician who used our resume to get her dream job serving people with AIDS at a hospice in Atlanta, Georgia; an international sales manager from South Carolina; and an IT project manager from California.
In addition, we have written resumes for many professionals, technicians, and skilled labourers seeking to immigrate to Canada or the United States, from such diverse regions as the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, India, Sri Lanka, Iran, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, and Mauritius.
Wherever you are, we welcome the privilege of helping you build material security, further your noblest aspirations, and attain personal fulfillment.

About Résu-Card

Résu-Card™ was established in 1989 to promote and develop its invention, the Business Card Resume. We offer a full range of resume and related services.
MAILING ADDRESS: 877 Kennedy Road, Suite #308, Scarborough, Ontario  M1K 2E9, Canada. "Scarborough" is a community within the city of Toronto — the fourth largest in North America, after Mexico City, New York, and Los Angeles.
Resume services are typically provided via telephone and email.

About This Site

This website was written, designed, and scripted in raw HTML by Howard E. Halpern, Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and president of Résu-Card™. Originally designed in 1998 when mobile phones were not nearly as popular as they are now, this site was initially optimized for desktop browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer.
However, in recent years use of the mobile phone has overtaken that of desktop computers. The number of people using mobile phones to find this site exceeds the number using desktop computers, laptops, or notebooks.
For this reason, I have begun the process of making this site mobile friendly. As of June 12, 2020, nine pages are mobile friendly. To do this, I consulted several technical websites. I would like to acknowledge, in particular, Mr. Christopher Heng, creator of The Site Wizard, for his valuable contribution.
Our site uses a responsive technology that changes the structure of the site, depending on window size. In March 2020, it became evident that it was necessary to make this site mobile friendly because most people seeking resume-related information are using mobile phones.
To view some of the linked information, you will need to use a device with a larger screen than most mobile phones have. For example, if you would like to see our resume or cover letter samples, you will probably want to use a large-screen device, because these documents are very difficult to view on a mobile phone.
If there is a demand to make mobile friendly some of the information that is presently mobile unfriendly, I will endeavour to do it. But the most important thing was to create a mobile friendly site that gave people basic information about our services, and I have done that.
I have received a great deal of feedback on my websites over the last two decades, and it has been extremely helpful. The most important thing I learned is that what people appreciate most is the accessibility of information, clarity of information, and ease of navigation, not special effects that show off technical ability but have nothing to do with the reason why people went to the site in the first place.
CAUTION !!  Some resume providers who claim to hold the Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) designation do not have it.
Verify our certification by (a) visiting the website of the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches and typing "Halpern" into the CPRW search box or (b) calling PARW/CC at 1-727-350-2218.
The association is based in Florida, US, and the above number is a Florida number.

How to Engage Our Services

The fastest way to get information on how to engage our services is to email "halpern [at]" substituting "@" for "[at]". Feel free to copy the following and paste it into your message:
Please send me information regarding your career-related services. You have permission to communicate with me electronically.
This lets me email you information in compliance with the Canadian anti-spam legislation. If you feel comfortable including your first and last name, that would make it easier for me to file and locate messages.
Including your phone number or numbers is also helpful. If you provide a mobile number, please indicate whether it is okay to send text messages. More often than not, job seekers have deadlines and need to get resumes written quickly. Providing complete information helps to facilitate communication and speed up delivery of services.

Biography of Howard E. Halpern

Click here for an introduction to Résu-Card's founder, president and Certified Professional Resume Writer. In this fascinating, biographical account you will learn of the unique circumstances and sequence of events that drew him toward the resume writing industry.

A Historical overview:
Resume writing in Toronto
Over 80 Free Samples
(resume and cover letter):
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A Historical overview: Resume writing in Toronto
Over 80 Free Samples (resume and cover letter):
administrative, managerial, executive, professional,
technical, clerical, student, and others
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