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Revised July 14, 2021

On this page you will find information about our prices for the "Economy" resume package, cover letters, and LinkedIn® profile optimization.

Resume Writing

For each fee listed below, we produce a resume based on written information that you provide in accordance with our specifications, not in a live conversation.
The rationale behind the Economy package is that, by asking our clients to do some of the work we save them significant money. About half of our clients stick with the basic package. The other half order additional services that cost money. One of those services is a telephone consultation that could, for example, deal with overall strategy or particular issues such as gaps in employment.
Among the categories below, yours is determined by the nature of the information to be contained within your resume. This is governed by the kind of work you are willing to do (not what you are doing, did, or prefer to do). If your resume contains technical information, you will require a "Technical" package, regardless of the kind of position you are targeting.
Professional, Supervisory, and Lower/Middle Management resume packages: $288.
Senior Management and Executive resume packages: $328.
Student resume package: $268.
All other nontechnical resume packages, including those for Tradespersons, Labourers, and Students: $288.
Technical packages for Financial and Business Analysts: $338 to $368.
Technical packages with detailed info on SAP: $338 to $398.
Other Technical resume packages range from $328 to $368, depending on amount of technical detail contained in your original. "Technical" refers to terminology most lay persons cannot understand.

Cover Letters

All resume packages include a template for an E-note—a concise cover letter that is easy to customize for any job. Detailed letter starts at $125 for first page, $50 for each subsequent half page or part thereof. Detailed letter is satisfaction-guaranteed, for satisfied resume clients.

LinkedIn® Optimization

Optimization of LinkedIn profile: $268 (provided that the Summary, Experience, and Skills sections have already been fleshed out).
Comprehensive training over the phone: $120 (flat rate). This package typically provides everything you need to know in order to optimize your LinkedIn profile yourself. Comes with an instruction sheet that helps you properly manage your profile post-optimization. The live session typically takes about 30 minutes.
We are affiliated with LinkedIn only as a Premium member and have written an article explaining the difference between a resume and a LinkedIn profile.
LinkedIn is a registered trademark of LinkedIn Corporation.

Hourly Rates

Resume and cover-letter services: $65 (minimum = $65).
LinkedIn-related services: $80 (minimum = $80).


The following applies to our packages: after creating the first draft of a resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn-related document, we do one set of revisions. You are entitled to an unlimited number of minor revisions at no extra charge, provided that you submit them to us within 30 days of the date on which we send you the first draft. If you require additional revisions, or if you submit revisions to us more than 30 days after completion of the first draft, they will be billed at the applicable hourly rate.

Long Distance Phone Calls

If you have a Canadian or US telephone number, we are happy to pay for the call by dialing direct. If you are not in Canada or the US, but have a telephone and Internet connection that is consistently good, we suggest that you use WhatsApp, which is free.
If you are not in Canada or the US, your telephone service is not consistently good and, notwithstanding this fact, you would like to have a telephone conversation, it will be charged at the hourly rate, including downtime, payable in advance. If you are in a country where both telephone and Internet services are intermittent, there may be times when communication between us is impossible.
We typically work with clients via telephone and email. Phone numbers are operational 24/7/365.
Skype: live:halpern_3. We are on Skype only at a pre-arranged time; we do not keep Skype open.

General Information

Prices fluctuate with the market and are subject to change at any time without notice. If and when tax is applicable, it is included in the fee.

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