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Howard E. Halpern MA CPRW
Certified Professional Resume Writer
Toronto Ontario Canada

Credentials, Qualifications
and Quality Assurance

Our president HOWARD E. HALPERN, MA, has been a CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer) since 1998 and is a founding member of Career Professionals of Canada. Halpern has published in a wide variety of media.
  • His work appears in Gallery of Best Cover Letters, 2004, by best-selling publisher JIST Works. This book contains 310 letters. Of these, only 8 are described as "persuasive." Halpern's is one of them.
  • A second cover letter appears in Best Canadian Resumes, 2007, by Sentor Media Inc. (leading Canadian publisher of career-related books).
  • Halpern is based in Scarborough, a community of over 600,000 within Toronto. He is Scarborough's 1st certified writer. For his detailed biography, click here.
  • Prospective clients sometimes ask, "What is your success rate?" They want statistics because they see them advertised by other resume writers.
    • First, statistics are usually misleading because no time frame is attached thereto. Anybody can get a job without a resume, through networking, given an inordinate amount of time. The function of a good resume is to speed up the process by increasing the likelihood each application will result in an interview.
    • Second, although one often sees statistics, one never sees audited statistics. Anybody can say he or she has a 99% success rate. If you don't need the audit, then you trust the writer. If you already trust the writer, the statistics are redundant.
    • We use a different approach. We consult hiring authorities regularly to determine what they prefer to see in a resume. As evidence, we have uploaded an article identifying and quoting Toronto recruiters.
    • About half of the people who hire us to write their resumes are, themselves, hiring authorities. For example, we wrote a resume for a certified human resources professional experienced in all phases of recruitment at all levels, including senior management. The above-linked document is not merely a sample, but the resume of an actual, named individual.
    • As far as we know, we are the only writing organization that publicly displays, by written permission, resumes of actual persons who engaged our services. To view more than 80 such documents, please click here. Compare them with the criteria set forth in the above-linked article, to verify that we consistently meet or exceed employers' expectations.
    • In other words, don't rely solely on opinions of people you don't know. Evaluate our resumes yourself — applying your own intellect and intuition — and draw your own conclusion. Behavioural science is not exact. Ultimately, all hiring decisions are intuitive. Each employer establishes its own policies and procedures. There is no universally accepted slate of criteria governing recruitment.
Our career counsellor ALAN MAYER, BA, holds the highly coveted Career and Work Counsellor Diploma from George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto, which has earned its reputation as the "Harvard" of career counselling.
  • Mr. Mayer is qualified to administer a broad range of career-related assessments and tests, including Strong Interest Inventory ®, Self Directed Search ®, Differential Aptitude Tests ®, Career Occupational Preference System, and Career Orientation Placement & Evaluation Survey. He is also a certified leader of the popular True Colors ® workshop.
  • He is a former Toronto radio talk-show host who won an ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists) National Radio Award, or Nellie, for Best Program Produced by Private Radio. Called "Radio Heartbeat," Alan's internationally syndicated show featured interviews with ordinary people who shared extraordinary secrets about the things they cherished most deeply.
  • Alan is located on the Beach (aka the Beaches), in Toronto. He joined Résu-Card™ in 2003, but has been an esteemed member of our professional network since 2000.
  • Please feel free to phone Alan directly for a free consultation. Alternatively, you may email him via <alanjamesmayer [at]>, substituting "@" for "[at]". In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, it is noteworthy that Alan offers telephone and Skype sessions.
    Direct line: 1-416-691-4629   

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