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Howard E. Halpern MA CPRW
Certified Professional Resume Writer
Toronto Ontario Canada

Selling Your Services
to hiring authorities

We offer a service called "Selling Points" as an add-on to our Economy resume package. We put ourselves in the employer's shoes and ask ourselves, if we were going to pay you money to work for us, what would we want in return? Not, what qualities do you have? Not, what are your skills? Not, what did you do in past jobs? But what benefit do we derive from having you on staff?
In providing this service we:
  • Demonstrate your ability to deliver benefit by showing how you were useful to current or previous employers.
  • Guarantee that we will distinguish you favourably from your competition.
It's our job to identify your strongest achievements and attributes by asking the right questions. Most people possess favourably distinguishing qualities. But very few know what they are. People are not accustomed to thinking in this way. Consequently, when it comes time to tout themselves, sell themselves, they feel uncomfortable and can't do it.
Furthermore, it should be emphasized that selling points are not limited to achievements. Personal attributes can also be selling points. But unsupported claims of excellence are useless.
To be convincing, the applicant needs to indicate directly and specifically how an attribute benefited at least one person other than herself or himself, and it should be career-related. It should provide insight into how prospective employers could benefit from having the applicant on staff.
Our job is to sell you when you can't sell yourself — and help you discover valuable things about yourself that will aid you immensely at an interview.

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