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Certified Professional Resume Writer

Faisal Khan MSc PMgr PEng
Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
Ten out of ten.
That is Howard's track record. He wrote a resume for me. I sent it to 10 companies and got 10 interviews. I was hired by a key player in Alberta's oil sands industry.
I am a professional engineer. When I first contacted Howard in February 2010, my resume was eight pages long. At my request, Howard whittled it down to three. First, we got rid of things employers don't care about. Second, we added the things they do care about. Although employers need to know what you did, that's not sufficient to get you a job. You have to be good. You have to prove that you have the ability to generate or save more money than you're getting paid. Otherwise, it's not in the employer's interest to pay you.
Howard knows how to ferret out the details by asking the right questions. The result is a document that is persuasive. It doesn't just say what I did. Anyone can do things and list them. Howard showed that I got results.
But he did far more than that: he explained how and why. He gave me credibility. Howard understood the readers' mindset. He engaged them at their level, on their terms. Howard's track record speaks for itself. You don't get ten out of ten without being a crackerjack writer, knowing how to target your market, and giving readers the type of information they want.
I'm not only an engineer, but a project manager. As such, I can see that Howard has the skill needed to tackle any kind of resume project. If you're good at what you do, but don't know how to communicate that to employers in a highly persuasive manner, contact Howard, and let him show you what he can do. You're guaranteed to learn something, and you'll have a good shot at getting the job you want.


Luc Yelle, Professional Stonemason
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I was absolutely thrilled with the way Howard crafted my resume. I especially liked the manner in which he asked questions to draw out my interpersonal skills, despite the fact that my resume was technical.
I was also impressed with the layout, the way Howard integrated the material, and his ability to capitalize on my strengths. In fact, he uncovered positive qualities I didn't even know I had. Condensing 18 years' employment to fit one page was the icing on the cake.


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