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    What attribute is most sought when employing an arborist?

    Is it the candidate's intellectual ability, capacity to understand trees and the techniques that allow them to be cultivated and maintained? Is it an aesthetic sense, artistic talent or appreciation? Or is it the passion that motivates a person to pursue this line of work in the first place?

    It is probably a combination of all these things. Any one of them alone seems inadequate.

    As for me, I entered the field quite by accident, if in fact it can be said that there are accidents. I was going through a difficult period, when I turned to gardening. I found solace in the cultivation and arrangement of flowers, if for no other reason than that I appreciated their beauty and enjoyed their scent. A middle-aged woman I had never met stopped and complimented me on the arrangement. She told me that I must go to Humber College and study arboriculture – not landscaping, as one might expect, but arboriculture. She must have had a psychic sense, for I followed her advice exactly and pursued my studies nearly to completion. I expect to graduate with a Landscape Technician / Urban Arboriculture Diploma this April.

    At school, I quickly demonstrated I had a strong aptitude for this field, not only winning a SCHOLARSHIP, but successfully tutoring eight other students.

    In addition, I acquired employment as both arborist and landscape technician, a role with which I am equally comfortable. My resume below, documents my success. Suffice it to say that everything I touch grows – and grows well. What I experience goes beyond science, technology and logic itself. I cannot explain it. But I know it to be true. The testimonials I receive assure me I am not dreaming. They are fact.

    My success is powered by the passion I feel when I am outdoors. A wonderful world was put here for us. Most people surround themselves with four walls and call it living. I call it death.

     I have the high energy level required to prosper in this field. I am fit. I exercise, rollerblade, cycle, swim and climb trees, regularly, to maintain my physical condition.

    Please have a look the following resume. I am confident that, on reviewing it, you will agree I have the potential to become a worthy member of your team.


Landscape Technician / Urban Arboriculture Diploma (cand.), Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology. Graduation expected Apr. 2000.
  • Won SCHOLARSHIP, 1999, in recognition of high marks:
    • Current GPA: 3.5 out of 4.0.
    • Report Writing: 90% (current average).
  • Successfully tutored 8 students. One student who was failing is now achieving 75%.
  • Acquired familiarity with work safety and aerial rescue.
Certified Basic Rescuer, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario (current).
Acquired proficiency in C.P.R.

Apr. 98 - pres.  Arborist / Landscape Technician
  • Equally proficient in both fields.
  • Establish and maintain high client satisfaction rate by putting my heart and soul into the job. For example:
    • A client hired me because he had laid sod, but was unhappy with the result.
      I completely revitalised his yard by removing all dead sod and vegetation, rototilling area, amending and raking soil, applying fertiliser, relaying sod and deep-watering soil.
      Result: client is totally satisfied. Lawn is thick, rich and green.
    • A client asked me to remove three sugar maples from his yard. Although this would have been a lucrative project for me, I advised against it. For a lower fee,
      I was able to restore the trees, and again, client is completely satisfied with result.

Feb. 94 - Dec. 96  Manager
  • Increased gross sales 45% in 10 months. Supervised 30 employees. Generated favourable media coverage.  E.g., Saskatoon Star commented positively on quality of food, ambience and service.

Between 1996 and 1998, I continued to work in the hospitality industry, further developing my administrative, financial and customer service skills. Prior to 1994, I served in wide variety of retail establishments, working in sales. So doing, I acquired valuable knowledge and skill that came into play as I moved into management, then arboriculture and landscaping. I am equally comfortable in administrative, managerial, technical and sales-oriented roles.

Volunteer, Climbing Championship Jamboree, Toronto, 1999.

Fundraiser / Receptionist, 51st Annual I.S.A. Conference, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, 2000.

I.S.A. and Landscape Ontario (professional associations).

Fluent in English, Greek and Arabic (read, write, listen, speak).

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